Nude tantric massage

This type of massage combines the classic touches of the relaxation massage, sometimes delicate, sometimes firmer, with the sensual touches meant to activate the erotic energy, to stimulate and amplify it. The tantric massage London is the most special for those who want relaxation, pampering, the awakening of erotic energy, sensuality, magic, energy effervescence, the refined pleasure of the senses, joy, enjoyment. Of course, depending on the openness of each one, you can feel much more effects, both physical and subtle.

The tantric massage addresses the whole body not only to erogenous areas and sexual organs, symbolically called Lingam ("sword of light" or "a bunch of rays", in Sanskrit) and Yoni ("sacred space").
Through the tantric massage, one can realize the union of sexual energy with the other forms of energy, which flow into our being. Due to physical, emotional, mental blockages, sexual energy is not completely and completely released in our entire being. Sexual energy is life-giving energy, making it one of the most powerful forms of energy in the Universe.

The massage will be performed in a loving and warm manner. Delicate and voluptuous feminine forms, which will ripple around your body, its provocative personality in a mysterious and refined way, will create a wide range of sensations full of eroticism. If at first, to induce a state of relaxation as deep as possible, the therapist will mainly use fine stimuli for touching, silky hair, soft fingers, later, to energize the erotic energy, she will mainly use her whole body to reach you. . You will feel them in a pleasant and exciting way, palms, with softer or firmer alternative touches, delicate breasts, playful soles, and where a deeper touch is required, the forearms or knees, keeping the general sensual line of the massage.

The purpose of the tantric massage London of the lingam is not to lead you to an explosive orgasm, which discharges all your sexual energy, but rather is to make you feel multiple sensations of pleasure that drive sexual energy into orgasmic waves towards the heart and the crest. of the head, transforming it into other sources of energy, mental, spiritual, which you can use later as new sources of inner power and deep transformation.

We will provide you with everything you need for your maximum comfort. If you are in search of a very pleasant state of relaxation, in an intimate environment, discreetly scented with natural flavors, with warm lights and music suitable for relaxation, you are welcome in our studio. We hope that you will feel this stay as an initiatory journey in another dimension, in which you will explore in a different way, both your body and the inner universe, under completely new aspects, both through the senses and through the environment. You will be greeted by one of the therapists, who will take care of you throughout your stay with us. More details at